Hi! So, my name is Davide, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Como, Italy. In the last few years I tuned the world of photography, which became quickly one of my biggest passion. When I was a child I used to watch my dad taking pictures of the world around him, and when he noticed  I was in that he started teaching me the basics of photography. Then I gradually began to take confidence whit his camera, and when I took 14 years old he got me my first camera for Christmas. I immediately fell in love whit it, and started to take pictures of the world as I saw it.

Last year I moved to an Audiovisual High School, where I study cinema, graphic design, video editing and photography, which are all subjects I love. Here I’ve started to see these passions in a more professional way, and I hope that one day I could work in this field.

I made this blog to help little-known photographers, and give them the opportunity to gain more visibility in this field, so if you are an artist you can contact me and I’ll feature you in this blog! I’ll also share whit you some of my shots, and tell you the story behind them. Stay tuned!!